Vitamin C and Zink

Vitamin C, Zink

Immune system support

Antioxidant cell protection.

Suitable for physical and mental exertion




1 capsule 1-2 times a day.

30+10 capsules

Content in 1 capsule

Vitamin С (L-ascorbic acid) 300mg, Zinc (Zinc sulphate) 5mg


Vitamin С

Immune and nervous system

Blood vessels

Formation of collagen for the bones, gums, skin, and teeth

Metabolism and energy production

Protection of the cells from oxidative stress

Reduction in the feeling of tiredness and fatigue

Increase in the absorption of iron


Immune system and protection of the cells from oxidative stress

Eyes and normal eyesight

Cognitive function

Synthesis of proteins and DNA

Metabolism of macronutrients, fatty acids, and carbohydrates

Bones, hair, nails, and skin

Fertility and reproduction

Concentration of testosterone in the blood

Participation in the process of cell division

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